Peter Broadley

Peter Broadley – Executive Director, Customer Experience & Operations (Virgin Trains)

Peter Broadley

Executive Director, Customer Experience & Operations (Virgin Trains)

Re-joined Virgin Trains in 2007 (also worked for VT 2002-2005)
Took on current role in December 2016
Responsibilities and focus

  • Overseeing delivery of a safe, high performing service on the West Coast
  • Giving our customers a relaxing, stress free and easy journey experience
  • Giving our staff the reliable tools they need to deliver a great customer experience
  • Creating value through effective management of all our contracts
  • Working closely with the Executive Team to drive a creative, commercial culture in an enjoyable atmosphere
  • Engaging with all staff from to keep up-to-date with issues, and encourage and inspire them to take ideas forward

Career history

Peter has played a key role in all major developments on the West Coast since 2007 including VHF timetable, introducing new trains, the 2012 bid and the 2014 Direct Award

In 2007, Peter re-joined VT taking the role of VHF Commercial Manager, then the posts of Projects Director and Commercial Operations Director, before he joined the Executive Team

Before Virgin Trains, Peter worked in various commercial and project roles at Bombardier for 6 years and as a franchise bidding consultant for Danish Railways and Arriva.

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