We are embarking on a new journey of hosting a series of virtual events, ranging in styles and topics. Some are technical with an in depth look into appropriate sectors, some are general and some will have a political edge. All are free to register and if you cannot make the day can access the content on demand.

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Tangent is unlike any rail magazine you’ve ever seen. Breaking the mould of the transport journals of the past, Tangent provides a fresh and modern look at the rail industry of the 21st century: a sector bursting at the seams with different disciplines, different skills, and different people, all working towards the same bright future.

Subscribers will have access to the digital version of our quarterly publication. Each edition is packed with exclusive interviews, in-depth analyses of genuinely innovative products and case studies, a gander abroad to see how other cities across the globe are investing in their railways, and, of course, reviews of Peloton’s high-level networking events.

As the rail industry moves to embrace technology, diversify its assets, and invest in younger generations, Tangent is the modern publication set to accompany you on this journey by revolutionising your perception of track and train.