Spotlight T&Cs

  • We will host the session with you, including inviting relevant speakers if required. Alternatively, you can shape the session and invite your own participants
  • We will build the event platform for registrations.   If this subsequently needs to be moved there will be a cost of £600 +vat
  • Any sessions which are cancelled are strictly non-refundable
  • All presentation material needs to be sent across 48 hours before the event – includes presentation slides, video content etc
  • Speaker photos for the promotional material to be submitted 14 days prior to the event. Once the promotional material has been created there will be a further cost of £600 + vat for any changes
  • All speakers must have a connection test at least five days prior to the event, all participants must have access to Google Chrome and updated to the latest version
  • Only speakers in the event will have access to the video bridge platform
  • Title of the event needs to be sent prior to the start of the month the event is being hosted
  • All participants must read the ‘How to Connect’ pdf, to ensure connection tests run efficiently