Alistair Watson

Councillor Alistair Watson (Glasgow City Council)

Alistair Watson

Councillor (Glasgow City Council)

I am 58 years of age and have two children, Cheryl aged 28 and Jordan aged 24. I reside in Cardonald, an area of Glasgow, and I broadly represent the area in which I grew up.

Having entered local government in 1995 after an active period with my trade union ASLEF, my aim was to achieve change on behalf of the community, particularly from a transport perspective as this is the brief which interests me most. My emphasis is on daily contact with my constituents and I make myself available to them through surgeries, e-mail, home visits, attendance at community groups etc.

My active role in local politics is, I believe, an example to others who also share the view that representing people locally is worth pursuing. I believe that the Labour Party is the only vehicle to achieve change for social justice. Being part of the administration is a huge privilege not only to represent the people and the area in which I grew up but to achieve change on their behalf.

Since becoming a councillor I have held the following positions at various times:-

  • Vice-convener, Roads and Transportation Committee
  • Convener, Land and Environmental Services Department
  • Chair, Road Safety Committee
  • Chair, West of Scotland Road Safety Forum
  • Chair, Strathclyde Passenger Transport
  • Chair, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport
  • Chair, Regeneration and the Economy Committee
  • Chair, Intelligent Transport Systems Political Grouping
  • From 27 June 2013, Executive Member for Sustainability and Transport
  • Current Business Manager of the Council

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